Solar panels require special care and attention. Not only to keep them looking good but to keep them working efficiently. A build-up of dirt over time stops rays reaching the cells which means reduced power generation and can void your warranty. We specialise in thorough but careful solar panel cleaning. Our safe, innovative method uses telescopic poles to get to hard to reach areas safely.

How it works:

We prepare our water before arriving, removing all particulates and deionise it.

Our deionized pure water is pumped through the pole whilst we brush to agitate and lift off dirt.

The water not only loosens dirt but also rinses to give the glass a dry clear finish.

Our water not only makes cleaning quicker and easier it also leaves no residue.

Solar Panels cleaners will handle your North Devon property

Our method is recommended by the HSE as it reduces risk of injury and offers a safe yet effective method for all involved. We are proud of how eco-friendly our process is. As no chemicals are used there is no risk of run off into the environment.

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